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A barista is a hero, a local celebrity, a pro who prepares that perfect espresso, cappuccino, flat white in a good coffeeshop and serves his drinks with a big smile, right? A home barista has his own coffeeshop at home. Home barista loves espresso and enjoys playing with his espresso machine. Home barista is passionate! Home barista is a true coffee lover. Home barista doesn´t accept any compromises or espresso "imitations". He serves his espresso to his family, friends and the loved ones. The first class "killer" espresso as we call it. A home barista is also a hero in his / her own kitchen :) Show your skills! How about a yummy frothy oat milk cappuccino with a heart? On this page you will find only the best high-end prosumer lever espresso machines that were built to last. You will find also the best coffee grinders both electric and handgrinders. You will find the freshest lightroast and green coffee from the world. Yes, you can roast your own coffee at home and create your very own signature blends. You will find the best blogs /we hope/ and the best coffee vids to hepl you built your home barista skills. You will learn all tricks and hacks. A true home barista never stops to explore. Welcome to our home barista family, dear friends.

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    The best price per set: Lelit Mara PL62T PID and Eureka Specialita 16CR coffee grinder This espresso machine has a modern PID and a display that shows the exact temperature. Mara PL62T from Lelit. It was made in Brescia, Italy. We are official Lelit retailers.

    1 490,40 € 1 656,00 € -10%
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    833,42 € 859,20 € -3% In Stock

    Ascaso Dream ONE - your dream of a wonderful coffee machine at home has come true!Ascaso Dream ONE really is a dream coffee machine in the kitchen. Model ONE - with a great strong nozzle for frothing milk / also vegetable oat milk! Do you want a great cappuccino, latte macchiato at home in the comfort of your cozy kitchen? Ascaso Dream ONE will deliver...

    833,42 € 859,20 € -3%
    In Stock

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