Who we are and what we do

A barista is a hero, a local celebrity, a pro who prepares that perfect espresso, cappuccino, flat white in a good coffeeshop and serves his drinks with a big smile, right?

A home barista has his own coffeeshop at home. Home barista loves espresso and enjoys playing with his espresso machine. Home barista is passionate! Home barista is a true coffee lover. Home barista doesn´t accept any compromises or espresso "imitations". He serves his espresso to his family, friends and the loved ones. The firts class "killer" espresso as we call it.

A home barista is also a hero in his / her own kitchen :)
Show your skills! How about a yummy frothy oat milk cappuccino with a heart?On this page you will find only the best high-end prosumer lever espresso machines that were built to last. You will find also the best coffee grinders both electric and handgrinders. You will find the freshest lightroast and green coffee from the world. Yes, you can roast your own coffee at home and create your very own signature blends.

You will find the best blogs / we hope/ and the best coffee vids to hepl you built your home barista skills.

You will learn all tricks and hacks.

A true home barista never stops to explore. Welcome to our home barista family, dear friends.

Talianska káva s.r.o. is a company that goes back to 1995 when we started in horeca and has helped many coffeeshops serve the best espresso to their customers. We are from Slovak Republic. We have a showroom in Bratislava and you are all welcome! We are official retailers resellers of the products we offer and we have our own repair and service centre in Slovakia. We have learnt a lot and now we are ready to inspire, educate We have gathered some experience and lots of ideas. Our fresh concept HOMEBARISTA.SK - ESPRESSO AT HOME or home espresso will bring a cup of real espresso to your home. The best traditional genuine lever espresso coffee machines or the cutting edge wifi connected machines for your home are available for demanding clients. The best espresso, ristretto, cappuccino, flat white, cortado, tonic espresso, nitro will now be at your home. Surprise your family and the loved ones with your skills: perfect espresso or real delicious cappuccino with microfoam and latte art. We have chosen reliable design lever espresso coffee machines made of finest materials for your kitchen, winter garden, on your terrace, for your unique garden party, luxury wedding or barbecue with best friends. Lever espresso coffee machines are made of metals brass, stainless steel . Making real espresso at home will be an experience. You can only prepare a proper espresso and cappuccino with a proper coffee machine. Try us out in our showroom at Osvetova 18 in Bratislava. You will see a coffee tree. Maybe the coffee berries will just ripen. Come play with lever espresso coffee machines! Welcome to our playground as we call it. If you tell us how you drink your coffee and what your requirements are, we will find you the most suitable espresso coffee machine and the most suitable fresh selection of coffee beans for you. Do you drink espresso black or with milk? Do you drink ristretto or lungo?

Do you want a portable compact espresso coffee machine with a water tank, or a prosumer high end  espresso coffee machine that you can connect / plumb directly to the water network.

Learn about the best water filters - water treatment is crucial. We like to explain and to teach. We've been doing it with baristas in coffeeshops for over 20 years. We will show you the machines, explain how easy coffee machines are to operate. And we drink a lot of coffee. Let´s boast a little: we always can tell exactly who needs what lever machine. We know our clients alnd we know those espresso coffee machines through and through. So we are like a dating agency:) We will tell you straight away which espresso machine is good for YOU and which may not be completely suitable for you. Because everyone has different, special requirements.

We have an authorized repair shop, we do service and we are trained in Milan directly in factories. We have spare parts in stock - again directly from factories. We buy everything exclusively from the manufacturers directly from the factory. And last but not least: you can try all lever espresso machines and taste the espresso, froth your oatmilk and make your microfoam like a champion.

We test many coffee machines and sell only the best. We are coffee machine selectors. Ttalianska káva s.r.o. has been in the HoReCa market since 1995 and now the time has come to finally bring a high espresso culture to every home. Espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, flat white, gibraltar. All goodies at home. Or in the garden. At a picnic. On the terrace. No compromises. And the whole thing is still quite fun. An honest real traditional espresso coffee machine will last you up to 20 years.

Our "killer" espresso vid here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l85etkVBQIs&t=156s