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This the best espresso prosumer coffee machine your money can buy! Bianca PL162T by Lelit is a dual boiler that you can plumb directly. The latest PID is precise and you can adjust each boiler separately, of course. And, of course, there is an elegant wooden paddle with which you can control the flow of your water. You won´t find another prosumer coffee machine which delivers such a wonderful cup of espresso in this price category. Flow profiling made easy and intuitive. Pulling a shot with your Bianca is a sensual experience. Made in Brescia, Italy. Manufacturer: Gemme Italian Producers, srl. We are official retailers resellers. Our V I D E O here  

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Lelit Bianca PL162T V2 is a bomb! A bestseller. A home barista can pull his own signature artisanal "killer" espresso shot. A V3 version from 2021 upgrade includes: Increased maximum temperature of the steam boiler to 135 degrees Celsius.

Fast "standby" mode by pressing both buttons on the PID. Plus and minus you hold for a while both at once.

Reserve mode - allows you to complete the shot if the water in the tank has run out. 

Display shows the actual temperature of both boilers. Just hold the plus sign "+"

"Economy mode" now has a new shortcut: you hold minus "-" on the display for three seconds and you immediately switch to economy.

Dispensing time: after the espresso extraction is completed, you will be shown on the display for 20 seconds how long the extraction lasted

We are official importers, distributors of LELIT coffee machines and we provide warranty and post-warranty support and service of espresso coffee machines.

Top high-end prosumer E61 espresso coffee machine, a dual boiler with pressure profiling and flow control paddle. Made in Italy. Only the finest materials and the latest technology. Lelit Bianca PL162T is built to last.

Lelit Bianca PL162T has a paddle for pressure profiling. 

Lelit Bianca PL162T espresso coffee machine has an E61 grouphead, the possibility of pressure profiling using a paddle.

The Bianca PL162T can control the flow of the hot water that flows through the grouphead E61 you use to extract your coffee. This is called a pressure profile, which means that a creative and curious home barista tunes his own espresso shot.

By controling a flow, home barista can change "the pressure" during the extraction and changes also the extraction time as he pleases.

This completely changes the taste of your espresso shot. You can be an espresso artist with Bianca.

The small all-stainless steel / AISI 304 / body combines top technologies: get ready for a real "killer" espresso shot, oat milk cappuccino, flat white, affogato, chai latte or real hot chocolate. The best coffeeshop will open in your kitchen.

Dual boiler: one boiler is for espresso / 800 ml / and the other boiler is for steam / 1500 ml / for cappuccino.

By having two boilers, a home barista could pull his espresso and froth his oat milk at the same time.

A precise PID electronic temperature control independent for both boilers. You can set them separately.

Rotary pump.

Bianca has a display where we see the temperature of both boilers and an "timer" for espresso. Bianca espresso machine can be connected directly to the water supply or you can make use of its water tank as a portable espresso machine.

You can program the temperature of the espresso boiler so that the E61 head is exactly 92 degrees Celsius. The legendary patented E61 ensures pre - steaming of ground coffee for perfect espresso extraction.

You decide how long the pre - infusion will be.

Even at what temperature it will take place. Pre-steaming significantly increases the quality of espresso.

E61 is so massive and heavy: this ensures a stable temperature of every espresso you make.

A steam antiburn nozzle is very strong.


2.5 l water tank

Voltage: 230V / 50H 2x1400W 

Weight: only 26.5 kg

Two-year warranty. We do warranty and post-warranty service of Lelit espresso coffee machines. Spare parts for Lelit espresso coffee machines directly from the factory in Brescia near Milan.

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