Lelit Mara PL62T PID Eureka Specialita 16CR

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The best price per set: Lelit Mara PL62T PID and Eureka Specialita 16CR coffee grinder

This espresso machine has a modern PID and a display that shows the exact temperature.

Mara PL62T from Lelit. It was made in Brescia, Italy. We are official Lelit retailers.

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Voltage 230V
Input 1400 W
Connection to water No
Handling type Mechanical
Water tank volume 2,5 l

In a compact stainless steel body AISI you will find the best and the latest technologies to prepare a real home espresso, cappuccino with microfoam for your latte art and delicious real hot chocolate. Mara PL62T is really compact, cute, cool and portable. Uncompromising "killer" espresso as we call it - that will be appreciated by your friends, family, experts.

Lelit Mara is reliable and durable and built to last and will deliver the best cup of espresso for many years. The best coffeeshop will open in your kitchen(:

Mara PL62T by Lelit espresso machine has a HX heat exchanger and a strong nozzle. The boiler itself is used also to produce steam for cappuccino, flat white and hot chocolate at home.

A precise PID electronic boiler temperature controller. A PID is something like a much improved thermostat.

The water temperature is very stable.

You program the boiler temperature as you wish. The temperature of the legendary E61 grouphead then delivers a perfect cup.

You can program the boiler so that the E61 grouphead is exactly 92 degrees Celsius. Ideal for espresso, ristretto.

The legendary patented grouphead E61 looks gorgeous!

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