A true home barista never stops exploring. Welcome to our home barista family, dear friends. Talianska káva s.r.o. is a family company that goes back to 1995 when we started in HoReCa and since then has helped many coffeeshops serve the best espresso and cappuccino to their customers. Remember, back then, there was no espresso-tonic nor flat white:)

We are from Slovak Republic. We have a showroom in Bratislava and you are all welcome! We are official retailers resellers of the machines and grinders we offer and we have our own repair and service centre in Slovakia. We have learnt a lot and now we are ready to inspire, entertain and educate.

We have gathered some experience and lots of ideas. We like to explain and to teach. We've been doing it with baristas in coffeeshops for over 20 years. Try us out in our showroom at Osvetova 18 in Bratislava. You will see a coffee tree. Maybe the coffee berries will just ripen and you can taste them. Come and play with lever espresso coffee machines! Welcome to our "playground" as we call it.

Let´s boast a little: we always can tell exactly who needs what lever machine. We know our clients and we know those espresso coffee machines through and through. So we are like a dating agency:) We will tell you straight away which espresso machine is good for YOU and which may not be completely suitable for you.

We have been through a lot during these years. I remember when our big white citroen jumper van full of coffee and other goods was stolen in Milan back in 1998. I remember walking to the the very spot where we had left our van telling my dad this cant be the place where we had parked it, right? And then we found a lump of cheese and lots of crumbs from the cheese sandwich we had eaten earlier that day in the van: it must have dropped on the pavement while we were hungrily chewing earlier that day and now it stayed there like a silent victim of what had really happened. Like a crime scene. Everything was lost: passports, walets, phones..

Luckily our italian friends helped us with the police report /we didn´t speak italian back then/ drove us to embassy, bougt us train tickets to Bratislava, Slovakia. Needless to say, we never learnt what happened to our van and our coffee...

Once it was Christmas, 25th, and we had to leave our homes, fireplace and family and had to drove through full blown snow storm from Bratislava to Milano because of our demanding customers who couldn´t wait any longer for their lever espresso machine. Lenka, my patient and loving girlfriend reminded me of that this last christmas when we dined peacefuly and all together and watched snow through the window.

We remember when Slovakia was not in the EU and we had to sleep seated in the van full of goods at Italian border to get all the papers done.

Talianska káva s.r.o. has been in the HoReCa market since 1995 and now the time has come to finally bring a high espresso culture to every home. Espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, flat white, gibraltar. All goodies at home. Or in the garden. At a picnic. On a sunny terrace.

We have an authorized repair shop and were properly trained in Milan directly in factories. We have spare parts in stock - again directly from factories. We buy everything exclusively from the manufacturers directly from the factory. And last but not least: you can try all lever espresso machines and taste the espresso, froth the best microfoam and draw a heart to your girlfriend or wife, man.

We test many coffee machines and sell only the best. We are coffee machine selectors. We found the best beasts by La Marzocco, Lelit, Rancilio, Dalla Corte, La Pavoni, Ascaso, Quickmill, ECM and many more.

No compromises.

Keep it real, home baristas!

And the whole thing is still quite fun.

As they say nowadays in McDonald´s: we´re loving it!