The G-iota single dose precise electric coffee grinder is a universal grinder for the home barista. It grinds the best specialty coffees both for espresso and filter coffee: dripper, v60, mocca, chemex, clever, cold brew, french press. It comes with a dosage cup. This is the ultimate single-dose ''prosumer'' coffee grinder on the market. Dosing Cup is transparent to see the ground coffee inside. Blowing Hopper, with lid to compress air to clean coffee grounds inside, no retention. All the main components of the product are high quality materials. The single-phase asynchronous motor speed of 1400 rpm. G-iota has Italmill 64 mm flat burrs to ensure the uniformity of coffee grinding. The grinding chamber is made of steel and fixed on a steel support. If you would like to upgrade the grinding burrs, we have SSP Multi-purpose 64mm burrs on sale below that fit perfectly. G-iota has only one key operation, single function, one button. G-iota has stepless adjustment, divided into 90scales, which cover all kinds of coffee. Please adjust the thickness when there is no coffee beans in the grinder, or when the grinder motor is running. Low coffee grounds residue. If you use the compressible blowing hopper, it cleans the inside of the grinding chamber. Height (mm):300 Width(mm):130 Depth (mm):225 Power (W):250 Capacity Beanhopper (Gr.):80 Capacity of the residue tank (Gr.):50 Types of blades: Italmill 64 mm flat burrs Diameter of the blades (mm):64 Guarantee two years. Weight:8,00 kg